4 x 24 x 48 Burgundy Acoustic Pyramid Foam 6 Pack View larger

4 x 24 x 48 Burgundy Acoustic Pyramid Foam 6 Pack


Pack of 6. (48 sq. ft.)For maximum sound absorption, our 4 inch pyramid foam is the product for the job. Excellent at absorbing low frequency waves, it provides maximum deadening capability and functions in the largest areas like gyms or concert halls.

Ships within 5-10 bus. days.

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Quality, Long-Lasting Foam

Our foam is specially made to withstand elements like harsh, direct lighting, the physical contact of manual handling, and of course, sound waves. Unlike other brands, our soundproofing foam will never crumble or harden, so the only cleaning required is the occasional vacuuming of dust. You can trust that our foam will remain soft and in sound acoustical condition for years to come.

Identical, Side to Side

All our soundproofing foam is cut and angled with nearly 100 percent accuracy, leaving you with clean, squared edges. Unlike other companies that manufacture irregular, jagged or mismatched edges, our foam can be aligned perfectly with the next piece to provide professional uniformity in your installation.

Wide Range of Colors

After selecting the foam that best satisfies your needs, we offer you the opportunity to choose a color that perfectly fits the product's future surroundings. Unlike some products from other companies, our foam is truly colorized and not surface-painted, ensuring uniformity. This quality color is designed to resist light, humidity, temperature, sweat and cigarette smoke.

NOTE: Colors above may differ from actual foam colors due to differences in your monitor's setup.


Overall NRC: 0.45

Flammability Test Results:

Class A

25 Flame Spread Index

250 Smoke Spread Index