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How to install acoustic foam panels

There are a variety of methods in mounting your soundproofing panels.

Here is what we recommend for the following surfaces:

Painted drywall/sheetrock and other smooth surfaces:

Spray adhesive: 3M Super 77 or FoamFast 74. We recommend spraying the back of each tile in addition to the mounting surface. This creates a good bond.

T-pins are a great way to secure your panels.

Finishing Nails also do a great job and are less noticeable.

When applying T-pins or nails, be sure to press them into the valley or lowest point on each tile. For 12"x12" tiles, 2 pins per tile are adequate.

Concrete/mason block and other porous surfaces:

Gorilla or Liquid nails construction adhesive.


When applying caulk, not much is necessary since the tiles are lightweight.


Some of the above methods including spray adhesive and caulk are more permanent and may be harder to remove later. Some of our customers will first mount the panels to a foam board or plywood section and then mount to the wall. 

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